VR Booth Hire

Dream Up VR Fun Booths are well designed for Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Promotional Stand Activities and more.
Break the ice and get customers onto your exhibition stand.


Benefits of VR/AR at Trade Shows

Because a user has to put on a VR headset to enter a virtual world, the headset makes sure, the outside distractions to not disturb the user while in VR. The virtual world consists only of the user, your product or Brand and the message you want to communicate to the user.

Studies show this results in

34% longer

focus on your product. You cannot do that with standard advertising.

Our booths can be fully branded and used for events such as trade shows, product launches, corporate events, parties etc. It is an amazing way to engage an audience and to give people a memorable experience which will keep them talking long after they experience it.

Each short term hire includes a trained VR technician to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment and to assist with audience engagement.
Transport your guests to another dimension with this immersive virtual reality booth. Using the latest technology and engaging games this VR experience is the perfect addition to any trade show, exhibition, product launch, private party or corporate event. With this VR booth anything is possible. A virtual reality experience that can add another level to your event is perfect for drawing in crowds at a trade show or exhibition. The ideal addition to any event that wants to promote their brand as industry leaders with the latest technology. Our virtual reality booth’s can be fully branded and are an amazing way to engage with audiences and provide guests with a memorable experience that they just can’t help but share with their friends. Each short term hire includes a trained VR technician to ensure a smooth operation of all of the equipment and to provide top class service to all of your guests.

Booking Tips! The perfect addition to any trade stand or exhibition, this virtual reality experience will draw crowds in from all demographics.

● VR booth can be fully branded
● Short term hire comes with trained VR technician to ensure the smooth running of the equipment
● Ideal for trade shows, exhibitions, product launches, private parties and corporate events
● Multiple games and functions for your guests to try out

To book our immersive virtual reality booth contact our Entertainment Specialists

Prices From £ 495.00 Per Day

What’s included

Typical equipment list and plan. Variations to suit your space.

1. VR Equipment
Oculus Rift or HTC
Vive VR system VR ready High Specification Gaming PC Software and Games installed
or All-in-one Solutions

2. Additional Equipment
Large screen TV on a tall stand Safety barriers,
Tensa barriers,
Pop up signage, Leaderboard

3. Technical Host
Your host on your stand, fully experienced in the equipment and games.
Encourages players, explains the rules and ensures safe play