About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Dream Up is an innovative company producing exceptional technological solutions worldwide with main offices in the UK and Turkey. We work on virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), wearable technology (WT), Internet of Things (IoT) which we believe these will change our world very soon.

In order to provide astonishing services to our customers our dynamic and energetic working group combines imagination with technological capacities. In doing so, we seek to introduce a way of entertainment that has not yet been seen

Why Choose Us?

We are a partner!

We listen to you to understand your needs and requests, and we provide you the most appropriate solutions to produce.

Maximize Value!

We implement the most experienced team in the field to encourage and to maximize the outcome of our custom designed solutions.

Dedicated team!

You will find us at every stage of the job and the support team will be at your service till the completion of the project.

Exceptional Products!

We provide unique experiences with our wide range of services and products. Your projects always count!

Our Mission

Constantly innovate to leverage extreme technology in creating value.

Our dynamic and young staff constantly renews their skills and capabilities to innovate in cutting edge technologies. We approach from different perspectives to the cases in order to provide extreme technology and create the experience that will go beyond the expectations of our customers. Moving well, making them the society and the human benefit to keep in the forefront elements has shaped DreamUp’s philosophy.

Our Vision

Help your dreams come true.
We believe everyone deserves to see whereever they want to see and live however they want to live, hear what they want to hear, be who and with whom they want to be
We will constantly innovate to make everyone's dream come true.

We innovate for changing the world you live

Everyone deserves to live wherever and however they want to live their life. We continously innovate to bring you the exceptional experiences you want to live and see. Your dreams are our dreams and your expectations are the ones pushing us to innovate further.